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Invest In Answers

We help you to gain and maintain a competitive edge with awesome humans and bleeding edge technology...

Our Story

Our co-founders started with a foundation of success as advisors, because of their ability to connect the dots with data...

Meet Sherloc

Our products and services make up the Sherloc Ecosystem, with just the right mix of technology & humans in the loop...

How We Help You

We Shorten The Time...

From Information to Insight...
From Insight to Knowledge...
From Knowledge to Results...

...and Performance between your market and your response to it.

There's power in connecting the dots. We help you to utilize the information, and the technology, to your advantage.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cognitive Tech... What?!?

You keep hearing those fancy buzzwords... we make them less scary. They sound really cool, but what you care about is can you use the data and insights to take action, generate revenue, and grow.

We make it all make sense.

Relationships = Results

Your ROI is everything...

Return on Involvement
Return on Integration
Return on Influence

We don't do things "run of the mill'. We believe that we have to understand you, your goals & industry, and your definition of success to deliver results.

That means getting to know you to deliver meaningful ROI.


Invest In Answers

What exactly do we mean by Invest In Answers?

Our founders and senior executive team have over a century of real world experience and success.

From designing and executing technology platforms, using data insights to predict elections, supreme court rulings, acquisitions, IPOs, and building multi-million dollar revenue engines, we’ve got you covered.


Platforms & Services

The human centered approach to innovation... the fabric that ties the needs of customers, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success together.

Design Thinking The Fabric That Ties Things Together

We connect the dots with Forensics and Technology for you where others can't.

Mergers & Acquisitions, Opportunity Zones, Politics, Deal Vetting, and more.

Competitive Intelligence We Do It Better

We'll help you develop your narrative, target the right audience, deliver your story, and measure + monetize it all. 

sWHYstem Master Storytelling

In a perpetually shifting and highly competitive marketplace, equipping your business and your customers with the right market intelligence is your only defense. 

ParAible works by giving you an eagle eye view of the dynamic environment that your business is situated in.

ParAible Market Intelligence Made Easy

In a world of too much data, your ability to gain meaningful insights and apply them, let alone manage it all, feels like mission impossible.

Unifyzed was created to solve this problem.

No need to change languages, move your data, or anything else. 

Unifyzed Data Fabric & Continuous Intelligence

Utilizing our proprietary Emotion AI, Intuascope analyzes live and recorded video to provide detailed audience/subject engagement analytics.

Intuascope helps customers them to understand and improve performance to drive growth and revenue.

Intuascope How Emotions Drive Decisions

A Sample of Our Success

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