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Our Platforms


In a perpetually shifting and highly competitive marketplace, equipping your business and your customers with the right market research and intelligence is your only defense.


*Enhance Your Current Market Position

*Extend Your Market Research and Intelligence

*Create New Business Development Opportunities

ParAible delivers actionable market research and intelligence from millions of data points, synthesizes that information with AI and Data Science, and delivers it to you in the most ideal way - actionable and applicable in graphs and charts to provide you a competitive edge.

Marketing/PR Agency?


Subject Matter Expert?

Public Servant?

Get Actionable Intelligence.


*Save Hundreds of Hours

*Save Millions of Dollars

*Generate More Revenue Faster

In a world with too much data, your ability to gain meaningful insights and apply them, let alone manage it all, feels like mission impossible.

Today, if you want to utilize your data and it’s stored in different places, and in different languages, you have to figure out how to get it all together, rewrite it for its new home, then actually move it to a new location.

Ultimately, this costs you thousands of hours, millions of dollars, and WAY too much tech talk. What if you didn’t have to do that?

Unifyzed was created to solve this problem.

No need to change languages, move your data, or anything else.

Most providers work backwards… they want to charge you to rewrite, move, and do super technical things to your data, THEN you’re on your own to figure out rest… yuck!

Unifyzed thinks about this like you would, which is our big, huge, hairy advantage that makes us unique.

First, we take the time to understand what you’d like to know from all of the data, and if you need more to accomplish the mission.

Then, we utilize the magic of the Sherloc Ecosystem to design and architect how you want the insights from your data delivered so you can apply it.


Utilizing our proprietary Emotion AI, Intuascope analyzes live and recorded video to provide detailed audience/subject engagement analytics.

Intuascope helps customers them to understand and improve performance to drive growth and revenue.

Additional information coming soon.

Our Services

Design Thinking

We work hard to flip conventional wisdom on its head...

Most companies rush to sell you their solution, without completely understanding your problem. We look at things a bit differently.

So, what is Design Thinking?

A human centered approach to innovation... the fabric that ties the needs of customers, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success together.

However we happen to find each other, rest assured you'll get a question from us like this: "What do you want to understand better?"

From there, the sky's the limit.

The ASAP Method

"I didn't realize how I needed to frame our value proposition to focus on showing clients the reasons for big brand failures, until I understood the ASAP Method." - Tom Reich, Cheetah Marketing

Over the years, we’ve collected, researched, and analyzed thousands of hours of research on successful outcomes.

We discovered that most of the successful ventures in human history have 4 key things in common.

From Jesus to Costco… the creation of the United States to Amazon… we see the 4 keys that make up the ASAP Method in action. Once you understand them, you’ll begin to clearly see them in your business and everyday life.

As humans, we’re wired for stories – and we’re designed to follow things in a particular way.

Subconsciously, we look for four things to determine whether or not someone or something is worth following, believing in, endorsing, or trusting. You must have these in place to succeed, and they must all work in harmony.

Ready to harness the power of the ASAP Method? Shoot us a note to schedule a consultation.

Competitive Intelligence

"I didn't see that coming..."

When the people who fix things can't fix them, they call LiAison Labs." - Pat Fant, Owner RFC Media

We hear this a lot from clients after they miss something during the Due Diligence process for investments, acquisitions, financial markets, or when their competitors beat them to the punch.

We connect the dots with Forensics, Technology, and Expertise for you where others can't. From elections, to mergers & acquisitions, to Supreme Court rulings, to social movements.

When others can't figure it out, we can.


A great story needs a master storyteller.

LiAison Labs sWHYstem service designs & crafts your story narrative, creates & helps you execute a content plan, and monetizes your content.

This service is limited to established content creators with an existing product or service, and requires a minimum marketing budget commitment.

Contact us for details.

Frequently asked questions

You can shoot us a note and we will set up an initial consultation to begin work on a solution for you. For ParAible, you can sign up and order reports automatically at ParAible.com. We’re always happy to help if you have questions!

We focus our energy on discovering the challenges you’d like to solve, which usually uncovers more. 

From there, we craft the ideal solution(s) via the Sherloc Ecosystem, set pricing & terms, and then get to work!

A reminder, ParAible does have a self service tier that allows you to order and access reports. 

There are actually 3 levels to help you with questions – your sales partner, your account manager, and if needed, a member of our executive team.

Great question! LiAison Labs is a Qualified Opportunity Zone Business (“QOZB”)

Our office location, The Lab Orlando, is located in the heart of a Federally Designated Opportunity Zone just off of downtown.

The Lab Orlando, and our membership program, The Lab Alliance, is a 2700 sq ft hybrid accelerator for businesses, entrepreneurs, and investors, to help them understand and capitalize on the significant advantages of being in an Opportunity Zone, as well as contributing to economic growth and solutions for under-served communities.

There are multiple opportunities to join The Lab Orlando as a sponsor as well, including adding your logo to one of 22 large picture windows facing a high traffic street between Orlando City Soccer and Camping World Stadium.

Email us for additional information: info@liaisonid.com.

Please connect with our Investor Relations team directly: ir@liaisonid.com.